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Intuit Sport’s Patent Pending Technology was created based of science and mastering an unique technique of testing paddles through the implementation of live aerodynamic stroke analysis on the pickleball court as well as the tennis, racquetball, and squash shots that overlap with Pickleball, such as volleys, half volleys, overheads, slices, forehands, backhands, etc.


We believe in quality and performance. Intuit Sport’s paddles and equipment consist of high quality premium foreign sourced TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber which is made up of 7-layers of carbon fiber surface coating and complex composite. In those layers, specially treated soft skin textures enable maximum legal spin. The carbon is then neatly heat-bonded to the polypropylene honeycomb core to ensure sustainability at the highest level of professional competitive play while maintaining consistency, power and spin through our long last paddle surface grit.

Intuit Sport's mission is to make sure that every paddle that comes out of our XSPORT LABS factory is built with the most premium material on the market. Our strong one of a kind Made in Japan, Germany & India material and finish allows aggressive and durable use.

This is why we are proud to say we have the MOST PREMIUM TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber in the game through our partners over at XSport Labs, an Intuit Sport subsidiary based out of Munich, Germany.


Other paddle manufacturers lack real technology, science, research, & innovation in their paddles as they tend to invest in having a “cool” over the top looking paddle face instead of focusing on building the best pickleball paddle possible. At Intuit Sport, we believe that innovation matters over looks - our sleek pro design makes a BOLD statement - "I'm here to win."

Our signature XSport Labs Made in Germany Carbon Friction finish creates a solid powerful feel while retaining touch on top of that the XSport Technology focuses on maximizing the aerodynamics of every Power Strike paddle to ensure maximum paddle aerodynamics allowing fast reflex responses, especially for fast drives and quick volley exchanges at the net.

Intuit Sport's RAW Carbon Fiber surface is tested to be the highest levels of LEGAL roughness on the market, allowing ALL pickleball players to play with advanced spin and stability to enable maximum control in the kitchen while dinking.