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Intuit Sport Staff & Players


The Executive Team at Intuit Sport brings an exceptional history in the sporting sector, with over two decades of industry expertise. Their goal is to offer unmatched assistance to both our sport and esteemed clientele.


The highly skilled Board of Directors at Intuit Sport uses their knowledge in important areas to make the company successful. They have experience in sport industry, advertising, management, and other important fields. Some of them also have experience in finance and investing, which helps the company plan for the future.

Engineering Team

The engineering team at Intuit Sport is highly skilled in designing pickleball paddles. Their expertise shines through their innovative and precise paddle designs, tailored for optimal performance. With a keen focus on quality and functionality, they continuously strive to enhance the playing experience for pickleball enthusiasts worldwide.


Intuit Sport proudly boasts world-class players who endorse their products. These renowned athletes, with their exceptional skills and achievements, lend credibility and prestige to the brand. Their endorsement signifies the superior quality and performance of Intuit Sport's sporting equipment, resonating with sports enthusiasts globally.