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Power Strike LITE+

Thickness: 14mm

Paddle Materials

Paddle Core: Premium PP Honeycomb Polymore

Paddle Surface Face: XSport Labs Raw German T700 Carbon Fiber with AI cold hybrid compressed texturing 

Padle Grip: XSport Labs Duraedgeguard 


1. Surface - Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber with cold hybrid compressed texturing

2. Foam Inject Walls for an increased sweet spot and added control

3. Thermoformed edges and a Unibody Construction

4. Average Weight - 8.3-8.5 oz

5. Length - 16.5 Inches

6. Width - 7.4 Inches

7. Grip Circumference - 4.25 Inches

8. Grip Length - 5.3 Inches (elongated for 2-hand backhands)

9. Grip has 2 polyurethane inserts to absorb shock and help with tennis elbow

10. Core - Optimized C7 Polymers and high-grade performance Honeycomb

11. Core Thickness - 16mm

12. Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU


Made in Germany Raw Carbon & Composite Material by Intuit Sport HQ & XSport Labs.


Premium Quality Control = 15% EXTRA POWER & PRECISION  

Our LITE series paddles are designed for players that are in the market for a paddle that produces effortless power combined with a PREMIUM GRADE GERMAN CARBON FRICTION SURFACE textured surface for maximum LEGAL spin production.


Note: If your looking for more power our Tour series paddles offer 15% more power than our LITE series through our hot molding technology. 



Industry Leader in AI use  

In order to innovate and create the highest quality CARBON FIBER performance paddles at the most affordable prices on the market our TOUR Series are manufactured using cold and hot mold process technologies acquired through partnership with overseas Pickleball Paddle Research & Development labs.


XSport Labs Engineered Design

The TOUR Series is designed to optimize reach and aerodynamics bringing in standard tennis technologies into pickleball. Our slightly tilted shapes allow for our paddles to have a LARGER sweet spot which optimal results at the most crucial moments at tournaments. 



Intuit Sport worked closely with overseas engineers to create a NEW MARKET STANDARD in terms of PREMIUM Pickleball Paddle Quality without an unnecessary marketing markup.  Our one of a kind, Premium German composite textured surface provides the next-generation of spin, grip and feel on the ball at all levels of play. Our tightly processed layers of the highest Grade Carbon available on the market adds power, speed, spin and controlled pop to prevent speed ups during a dink or volley exchange/battle. 


Cross Sport Technology Molding

INCREASED DURABILITY & FASTER PADDLE AERODYNAMICS are achieved through foam injection followed by a QUALITY CONTROL CHECK with the sole purpose of adding a layer of protection securely gluing the newly injected foam walls with a CARBON based doubled sided light weight protection tape. This extra added weight under the edgeguard of our CFS Tour line results in the best WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION with an unique feel and and an increased sweet spot that stretches out throughout the ENTIRE paddle face, this is an unique technology only found in Intuit Sport paddles. 


XSport Labs Engineered Honeycomb Polymer Core

Tested since November 2022 to ensure our customers THE LONGEST LASTING PERFORMANCE  paddles that produce the HIGHEST LEVEL OF LEGAL SPIN & POWER.


We offer both 14mm and 16mm thick cores which gives our customers the flexibility to scale on power by choosing a thicker paddle.  


AI Carbon Elongated Tennis Handle

The Intuit Sport engineering team has spent year developing and optimizing a AI based carbon handle.  Our paddle ensures the longest possible grip on the market which extends down the full length of the handle which is then forged together under heat and pressure to create our signature paddle handle/grip which is known to be the most comfortable paddle to hold on the market.  Our AI construction design ensures reduce vibration through 2 polyurethane inserts to absorb shock which helps with tennis elbow prevention and comfortable play with a paddle that supports fast hands through extensive scientific aerodynamic research. 


5.5” elongated handle is the best suit for current players especially ex-tennis players with a double backhand. The handle is finished with a premium tennis like Intuit Sport Orange leather grip with a 4.25” circumference which is suited to all hand sizes. 



XSport Labs NextGen Paddle Weight Distribution  

Intuit Sport is ensures the HIGHEST LEVEL QUALITY of paddles on the market. Our teams have worked with our factory partner overseas with the intention of paying close attention during the ENTIRE manufacturing process on a daily basis to approve the HIGHEST LEVEL POF QUALITY while also pausing production several times for several reasons to ENHANCE our molds with the aspirations of creating a perfectly balanced paddle. Paddles weight distribution is a KEY & VITAL in a player comfort and control on court.

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