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Tournament Entry Fee

OPEN Doubles: $100 per team

OPEN Singles: $60 per player
1.0-5.0 DUPR Draws: $80 per player/team

Type: 1.0 - 5.0 DUPR Draws


No payouts for under 30 entries...

Gift cards, Prizes, Paddles & Other Intuit Sport incentives will be given out instead due to low turn out. 

Open Doubles Round Robin Drawhttps://playpass.com/go/RpzgwCB?v=standings
1.0-5.0 Doubles Round Robin Drawhttps://playpass.com/go/RX9be4j?v=schedule

Combined Singles Round Robin Drawhttps://playpass.com/go/R3HsYYe?v=schedule

Please contact +1-310-650-9190 if you have any time conflicts. 

The official withdraw deadline is October 20th @ 12 pm EST, no entries will be refunded after!