AeroFlight Balls

The Intuit Sport AeroFlight Tournament Balls are the best quality ball ever to be manufactured. This ball will hold up endless hours of the most ferocious play thanks to its use of premium material and innovative single-piece construction. As a result of our machine-drilled holes' accuracy, the Intuit Sport's Tournament Balls fly very well. These balls, which are precisely balanced and sized, will dazzle anyone on the court!

> Competition-grade pickleball, 74mm in diameter and 26 grams in weight to officially meeting USA Pickleball, APP, PPA & MLP standards.

> 40 finely machine-drilled holes were used in the construction of the balls to ensure a precise, consistent spin and a balanced flight pattern.

> Quality Longevity: One-piece, no-seam design results in a ball that is more durable and resistant to dents and cracks.

> Comes with Intuit Sport's ball meshes for safekeeping when not in use